Sans Peur - Cat Fiadhaich (Without Fear - Scottish Wildcat - Twitter Art Exhibit 2019
Say hi to the Scottish Wildcat, otherwise known as the Highlands Tiger or 'Cat Fiadhaich' in Gaelic.

This is my entry for the Twitter Art Exhibit - a yearly event where artists all over the world produce a postcard-sized painting which is then sold to raise money for a chosen charity.

The fine Scottish city of Edinburgh will be hosting the exhibition this year, which is why I chose the Wildcat as my theme. Despite being amazing creatures steeped in folklore and mythology, their numbers have sadly depleted to between 100 and 300.

Therefore, I created my piece to raise awareness of this beautiful, yet endangered species and support the great work of Twitter Art Exhibit and Art in Healthcare, this year's chosen charity.

The exhibition opens on the 11th May 2019. Visit for more information.

Thanks for watching!
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