What Became an Empty Gesture
What Became an Empty Gesture - Sakura Micron Fineliners & Copic Markers on Paper

A recent piece in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK. At the beginning of lockdown, people came out on to their doorsteps at 8pm each Thursday to clap for our NHS nurses. At first, it was a heartfelt, lovely gesture which everyone could identify with.

However, as the weeks passed, this community-driven event became appropriated by the Government and ceased to have any real meaning in light of the huge risks nurses, carers and keyworkers were being asked to endure on a daily basis - often without adequate protection or provision.

Eventually, the event's founder, Annemarie Plas, declared an end to the weekly clapping. What started as a warm, genuine gesture had now become an empty one. I visualised our clapping hands as being like a pair of gloves. No longer needed, they're hung up until the next time...
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